Stars and the Heart of the Universe

If you could touch your love in eleven different dimensions,
Would it be like feeling the heart of the universe,
Or feeling the soul of a star?


You know when you get those little short bursts of random words that sound good together? Yeah, I get those a lot.

I know it’s been almost a year since my last post, or video. I have realized that the reason why my life sucks in certain areas is because I’ve been making excuses. I know why there have been issues here and there, but those issues don’t make up the majority of my real problems. So starting next week, blogs and videos are back up, along with pictures as needed. The videos are for me, making myself accountable, as well as the pictures. The blogs are for people to get a better gist of what I was trying to say. We all know that can be very hard with all of the effing rambling that I do.

The drive for my weight loss journey has returned because of two things.

#1 – Since six of my current family members are diabetic, including my mother, and her mother was diabetic as well, I have made the decision to not go the same route. According to my endocrinologist, I am sitting right on the fence for being pre-diabetic. I don’t even want to go that far, so that’s a huge part of what is lighting the fire under my ass.

IF you can’t be mature, don’t check out number two.

#2 – Since June of 2009, I have only cycled twice. I have never been regular, but going nine months and then a year and a half, I’m pretty sure that something is wrong. The doctors have told me that what is going on is an extreme overabundance of testosterone. Which is due to my hypothyroidism that I was diagnosed with last year. I have to have some follow-up blood work, but they want to see how things are going now. Two of my doctors want me to go on Metformin, which is an anti-diabetic drug. It has also been used in fertility treatments (meant to make women cycle monthly,) and the same two doctors told me it may aid quite a bit in my weight loss. But I want to be functioning properly again, so I’m going to take my doctors up on it, and try it.


So, a lot has changed in my mindset over the past five years. My thoughts as to my faith have not changed in the areas that matter. I may have had a bit of tweaking done in a few areas, but my faith is still as solid as it has ever been.

There have also been things that have been churning in my mind for further thought and consumption, and they have been extraterrestrials.

Anyone that has known me as a child knows that the stars and the cosmos have always intrigued me. I know that there are other things out there that we are not aware of, and there are many things that I will not have the honor of experiencing. But that is no reason to completely claim that nothing else other than your own narrow mind-space is possible. So, as I see fit, I will expound on this subject a little.

And please excuse my grammar. I hate not being in school for the exclusive reason of not writing for a grade. I love writing.

love supremely,
The Mexican


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