Out From Left Star Field and SSF II Turbo HD Remix…

Across the sky, a star shoots past me

I can’t see itIt is so brilliant, so blinding
But when its circuit of my night sky is over
It does what it was meant to do
It burns out
And I’m left as cold as before

Meanwhile, back at the Kwik Shop…

You come around this time
Instead of that harsh, cruel, cold light
And you slowly yet surely light up the sky
Like the sun
With your gentle rays of warmth
With your beautiful, bright light
Like a mogwai in daytime
I was so scared

You managed to do what most can’t accomplish…
You stole my heart
You stole my soul
You stole my mind…which is a feat in and of itself
Everything else just came naturally…

You still hold me in your arms
Still hold me with your eyes
With your heart

I gave my heart to you
To keep it happy and safe and warm
And you have…

Done above and beyond that…
I couldn’t possibly ask for more
And for that,
You have so much more than myself and my love
You have it all

Didn’t feel like really posting up a video…I’ve kinda been looking like hell lately. Not enough sleep and a crazy ass schedule lately.  Weight is still holding at a STEADY 226…my brother is supposed to be burning P90X for me, so I’m actually looking forward to it.  Back has been hurting lately, and I REEEALLY hope it’s just muscle pain or something, and not kidney-related.  I was in the hospital for a couple of days two years ago, a kidney infection run amok, and I’d really rather not end up in the hospital again…that shit’s expensive as hell!

Also, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, I’ve had Ryu’s theme from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix stuck in my head for two days now…but its a good song, so why am I complaining?!?! 😀  If you knew me back in the day, you know that fighting games were not my forte…the only thing I ever really played was MKII and MKIII, Clayfighter, Killer Instinct, World Class Heroes (sue me…), and Street Fighter II Turbo.  So I have taken, just a bit, to learning how to play Marvel vs. Capcom 2…erm, playing as Servbot O_o…And I have yet to play a person yet, as I’m sure my ass will be thoroughly handed to me when it happens, but I guess that means I’ve just got to practice that much more, right?  I will try to get into SSFII Turbo HD Remix, but I think a certain little yellow robot is my best buddy 🙂

Anyways, I’m cutting it here for the night, time to get some freaking sleep as I end day one of three of all three jobs.  Well technically I’m training for one, but that still means somewhere else that I gotta make sure I’m on time to!

And my poem, I’m sure you can tell who its directed to.

I absolutely love him with all that I am.

Love sincerely, love supremely,

Slainte, Salud,

The Mexican



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