Project Simply Irresistible

It’s been a while. And hopefully I won’t be writing too long. Gotta get to bed with my whole new deal I’m working on. I am on a weight loss journey…not a diet. A diet means that I am cutting out food, and I’m not totally cutting out food. I’m just learning how to have things in moderation. Anyway, this is going to be short, but I just want to make sure that I take time to write things down…hopefully everyday. I really want to make sure I hold myself accountable for this. A journal and, as soon as I get it, a webcam, will help me, I believe. So, it will be very personal, but I’ll deal with it. I’ll leave it here, for now…because its so late, and I need to be in bed. So I’ll share more tomorrow. I plan on getting the webcam, so hopefully instead of just writing, I can articulate.


Love supremely, love sincerely…

Slainte, salud…

Liza “The Mexican” Charay


P.S. There will be pictures, so you’ve had your warning.


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