David’s Bridal

Work was interesting today. I didn’t really have a whole lot to do, not that that’s news, but thought I’d just throw it in there.  I went with Tweedledee about 6:15 to David’s Bridal to do some stuff with a customer.  Not supposed to talk about it really, so that’s all I will say.  But we were having fun looking around the store…God, did I want to try on dresses!  I was just having fun being there and the ladies we were working with were really nice and sweet.  And spending some time with Tweedledee outside of the store wasn’t that bad…but I know that she was having a really bad day, so I’m glad that she had so much fun.

Tomorrow should be fun…we will be going to Harrah’s casino to have family time…which is great since we’re all old enough and everything.  It’s going to be me, Sweet-N-Low, Nickos, Sweater, Vern, Thumb, Nini, D-Rok, and Shane…Shane doesn’t get a fun name cos I don’t really know him .  So I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow.  Ideally, I would like to win about 3 or 4 couple hundred thousand dollar jackpots, then I would be happy…I’ll try Blackjack and some slots, see how I fare.

Love Supremely,

The Mexican


One thought on “David’s Bridal

  1. OwenHiggins says:

    I was wondering where you got to…  We’ll always be here waiting for you  🙂

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