A Load of Bull Malarky & 48 Cent Dr. Pepper

This might be kind of short, but I just wanted to put something up.  I need to.

I got told that I can’t continue to talk about work, and that if I do, it has to be very vague……because I didn’t do that or anything, but whatever.  I am just pissed that someone was checking up on me online, and I think I know who it was…someone from work.  But I’m over it and am just going to post here instead of on Myspace, which I think is where someone got nosey, but anyway.

So work was okay tonight, but as my attitude has been…I just didn’t want to be there.  And it was kind of sweet because KN is moving, so Mr. Hummel gave her a sweet going away card… It was just the thing we needed tonight as it was just weirdos in tonight.

Mom picked me up from work, she had just come from HyVee, and told me that Dr. Pepper was 48 cents a 2-liter……that’s freaking awesome!  She told me that she needs to go there at the butt-crack of dawn because if she goes too late in the day, there won’t be anymore…and she’s very right about that when it’s normally a little over a dollar.

I am feeling better little by little…I just think that I am thinking too much…yes, there is such a thing as thinking way too much…and I just need to go back to doing my hobbies again, like anime and walking and games and practicing the keyboard and stuff like that in my spare time.  And once my violins and guitar get fixed, I’ll have a lot to do in my spare time. 

*sigh* I just really wanted a hug today, Bunny gave me one, but it isn’t the same.   But I know I’ll feel better eventually.

Love Supremely,

The Mexican


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