The Dark Crystal & Long Ass Days

This is going to be very random, just to warn you all.

I was telling my office manager today how much I love 80’s movies, which got us talking about The Dark Crystal, Legend, and Labyrinth.  I’ll admit that I was scared of all three when I was a child, but watching them now, they really were quite awesome movies especially at the time.  The Dark Crystal, I hadn’t remembered it until Edge said something about it one time when she lived with Bunny and I.  Those and Krull and Beast Master…ah, the 80’s!  Such a glorious time for movies, really.  Nowadays you get mostly special effects and overdramatic performances, but every once in a while a good movie comes along.

Work today was just bad.  Well, we had a guy come in, bought a $1300 men’s diamond wedding ring, he wrote a check for it, it passed our check system, then him and his fiancee went down to Briman’s and tried to write a bad check there.  Tweedledee was kind of stressed out about it, but after I assured her that it is the check company’s fault because they approved it, and if anything happened that it would be out of their pocket and not our’s, she felt better.  But the day was just…looooong.  And the fact that I have such a wonderful job prospect on the horizon doesn’t help anything because I feel like I don’t need to be there.  *SIGH*

And I’m feeling better today, but I just felt kind of lonely today is all. I just want to move to an island with a crap load of money and be done with things. 

Love Supremely…always…

The Mexican


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