Let’s Stay Together & The Day From Hell

Okay, well not really the day from hell, but close enough. 

Today, I was extremely tired, and the fact that I didn’t have anything to do today didn’t help matters any.  I finished everything that I had on my list today. I felt as though I could have fell asleep at work today and no one would have noticed.

Last night, Thumb took us to this awesome mexican restaurant in Lawrence called La Familia…it was sooooo good!  And I’m normally a big critic of mexican restaurants.  It was Thumb, Sweater, Vern, Old Man, Sweet-N-Low, Nickos and myself that went.  We had a great time, Nickos got carded and Old Man flirted with the waitress.  And their tamales were awesome!

I’m still waiting to hear back from the State, but from what my uncle’s girlfriend said, she’s just waiting to receive the rest of the applications.  Her boss told her that she gets to choose who to interview first.  Let’s hope and pray that I’m one of them. 

I’m just PMSing or something probably…you all know that I’m not the best at finding out why myself is feeling a certain way, and it ROYALLY pisses me off.   I’m having moments where I’m feeling like an idiot, but I don’t know why…

Love Supremely,

The Mexican


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