I Need To Be Attached To A Giant Hug Machine…


Not that THAT was much of a greeting, but whatever.

Work was work as it is always work.  Meaning that it was a busy ass Saturday.  We had a really good time at work, well I did anyway.  But then again, I think that comes from actually selling something.  I had this couple come in, she went to bridal, he went to watches.  I didn’t see them come in together, so I talked to him first.  He told me that he was just browsing while his wife was looking at diamonds.  So I went on over to bridal, thinking that she just wanted to browse through things…well I ended up have lots of fun with them and then they came back before I left for the day, KN helped them, and they took home a $2500 ring.  They were so happy with it, and it’s times like those that I am happy that I do the job that I do.  Making people happy and making those real connections with people is what my jobs is about at its core.  I don’t care what other people say about jewelry professionals.  Yes, we make money, but anyone will tell you that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing such a smile on someone’s face and knowing that you helped put it there.  There are some selfish bastards out there, but the good ones far outnumber the bad.

I was off at 5:00pm today.  Once upon an April of 2008, I used to work every weekend closing.  Meaning closing Friday and Saturday, and alternating Sundays to work.  The main reason that I started asking for every other weekend to open on Friday and Saturday now, and still alternating Sundays, is so that I could be available on the weekends.

Someone was talking to me about needing to be more logical.

When Sweet-N-Low had her accident, do you want to know what was the one thing that I did not, would not do?  I didn’t/wouldn’t cry.  My brothers, even Sweater who is usually the most composed out of all of us, was almost hysterical about what happened…Thumb usually is hysterical in general about things, so his reaction and feelings weren’t surprising…but when they couldn’t take it anymore and they couldn’t stand there for a little while with Sweet-N-Low, I was the one that stood with her all the time.  I don’t react to danger and threatening situations the same way the population as a whole acts.  So point being, I act like a robot most of the time when making my decisions

But you know what?  When it comes to matters of the heart, why in God’s Mysterious, Beautiful Universe would I want to think about love like a robot?  Like a being that while it may be animate, it cannot experience human love or emotion.  Currently, they can’t anyway, so why would I want to think like that??


See? I am thinking clearly…thinking like a robot when it comes to love is not logical to me.  Yes, you do have to realistic about things, but do you honestly fucking think that I wouldn’t do that?

I feel like Spock sometimes, saying things are/are not logical, but it’s very true.

*sigh* Well I’m getting tired, so I’m going to bed.

Love Supremely…please…

The Mexican


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