Inner Frustrations &…Barry Manilow?

I cannot begin to express how happy that I will hopefully have a new job soon. Today was just ridiculous.  I do have to say that I had fun working with KN and Ricardo because I love working with the both of them.  They make me crack up, but there was hardly anyone in the mall today.  We had a total of $820 all day, and there were people that just tried my patience all day.

I just did not want to be there, even though I really enjoy working with KN and Ricardo.  There were other things that I wanted to do today, and work was not on my list.  It is just hard because I can hardly wait to get a new job.  It is so damn annoying because my boss, Tweedledee, is not being very supportive of me finding another job.  This is mostly because when I am not there, it will only leave just my office manager in the office, so therefore Tweedledee will have to work more, which she does not want to do.

Well, tough shit, I say.  If you are a store manager, that is your job.  If you do not want to be there all the time, then you have to go out and recruit people to work in the store.  They are not just going to fall into your lap.  I understand that it will be hard once I am not full time there anymore, it is just that then it makes me feel guilty, to some extent because they are inconvenienced because of me.  But they have known for a little over a year that I wanted to find a job that will pay me more and that will use my skills more effectively.

Not bad considering I have not finished college yet.

Anyway, the best part about a new job will be that I do not have to worry about dealing with little petty things all the time.  I mean, it is not like that all of the time at my job, it is just that it seems like I am in high school sometimes, and I already graduated high school…I did not particularly care for it and I do not want to go through it again.

Aside from that, I have been really missing Blue Eyes a lot.  And I know that things will get better soon and easier too, I just miss him is all.  I have to say that I do enjoy talking to him in the morning when he leaves work…you know, when I get a phone call at 6:20am .  I hope that he knows how much I miss him and how much I care for him and how much he means to me…and the same goes for Shining Star.

Well, I cannot think of anything else intelligent to say, so I am out.

I want my rock to know that I know things will get better soon and I am looking forward to our happiness…and that I will always be there for you, no matter what…

Love Supremely,

The Mexican

P.S. I just thought that Barry Manilow would look funny in the title…


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