Free Chiefs Tickets &…Could The Mall Be Anymore Boring?!

So the mall could not close fast enough, can I just tell you?  It is not that I hate my job, on the contrary, I really do love it…but I have been at the mall for seven years, so I believe that it is time to move in a different direction.

I have applied at the State with the Department of Health and Environment…yes, yes, I know, sounds more like a paper-pushing job…but it will pay me loads more than what I am making now, and I have more of an oppotunity for advancement in my job.  And hello?!?! It is for the State, which means I get bank holidays off and stuff…paid…so I am very excited.  I have not gotten the job yet, so keep me in your prayers or thoughts or on your Good Luck list.  I will still work for the jewelry store because I have some stuff I have to pay off, and to be honest, who would not want to keep a 70% off retail price job? 

I do have to say something about my boss, however.  Okay, the company I work for, Helzberg Diamonds, is based out of Kansas City, so even though we have 270+ stores around the States, we are locally based.  And being such an entity in KC, we support and sponsor a lot of things in KC, such as the Starlight Theater and we are the official jeweler of the KC Cheifs…we even get special edition “I AM LOVED” Chiefs buttons for each month of the football season.  Anyway, we are doing drawings for free Chiefs tickets…which pisses me off because being an employee, blahblahblah, I cannot participate.  So we drew I think three or four different times because people kept winning, but they could not make it.  I am sorry, but if I won FREE Chiefs tickets, I would sure as hell figure out a way to go!  So since none of the people could go, my boss called her boss and asked if her and her husband could go…I was not happy about that because: A) that put us in a bind today as far as coverage in the store, and B) we could have asked one of our part-timers if they wanted to go…and I felt that since she and her husband were allowed to go, there could not have been any reason why I could not have given the tickets to like, oh I do not know, my dad, Old Man, who is a HUUUUUGE Chiefs fan…but whatever.

This morning, about 6:20, Blue Eyes called me when he was on his way from work.  It is something I am going to get used to.  But it is weird because now we will be working opposite hours from each other.  The good thing is that I will be getting to sleep earlier…hopefully, if my insomnia is not acting up…but I still miss him.  I was having a really hard time with it, missing him, until about about a week and a half ago.  It is difficult to have to face life without someone that you have known for so long, and I know that he is working everyday to move on from that.  I am not one of those evil women who is going to tell him that he needs to really drop everything about his wife if he wants to be with me.  I am just now beginning to understand how much she meant to him.  I know that he does need to continue grieving and to continue to move on from his wife, but I am going to be there the whole way to help him with it.  I just hope that he knows why I miss him so much and how much it is going to mean to me to actually get to spend some time with him.  I will always be here for you, love…


Tonight at work, I just wanted to go to sleep or go to the arcade to play DDR or something…it was so goddamn boring!  It was just killing me.  If you ever just walk into a jewelry store to look around, and it happens to be my store, and I know you, I am going to strangle you on the spot…unless you are visiting me .  It is so frustrating in the off-seasons when people just wander around looking at nothing in particular.  I know that I am guilty of that…I do that in Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble…but in a jewelry store, it is just kind of ridiculous.  Especially teenagers…now that is no offense to those of you that I know who are teenagers, because you guys are not that retarded and annoying out at the mall…are you?   That is how I feel about it anyway.

*sigh, temple rub*

I am actually kinda tired, so I am going to call it a night.

Make your Sunday worthwhile…like come out to  the mall and visit me…

Love Supremely,

The Mexican


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