Hopeful Attitude and The New Chapter…THE SENTRA!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it has finally happened…I HAVE A CAR!!

…well, it’s not actually mine, but the insurance is in my name and so is the title and tags, so it’s technically mine.  Sweet-N-Low  finally got her 1993 Nissan Sentra fixed.  We finished the tags and stuff this morning…before 8am…then I went back to sleep when I got home.

But I did drive it to pick up Thumb at his friend’s house, took Nickos to work and picked him up, and went to Wal-Mart and El Mezcal tonight.  It is going to be so wonderful! Now we can go play pool like we want to!

I’ve never had a car, so to actually just go for a drive if I want to will be extremely liberating.  It also means that I can go a few places that I’ve wanted to, so even better!

Anyway, today was my day off, and aside from the aforementioned activities, I did diddly squat.  Thumb and I did play Scrabble though, and I beat him 118 to 83.  He isn’t the best with words, so I can’t really hold that against him . He was also telling me about a tattoo that he’s getting pretty soon.  I asked him how much it was going to be, he told me, then I laughed at him.  Because he told me it was going to be twice what mine was, and mine has more detail and color.  Silly Thumb.

I did feel bad, however, when Edge had called me and wanted to go to O’Dooley’s this evening, but by the time I called her back, she was already back in Auburn.  I tried to call her to go to El Mezcal with us, but she didn’t answer .  Hopefully we’ll be able to go do something again soon, since she came over yesterday and had taco salad.

I also realized today that Thumb is a little thief…he took my extra phone charger with him…he and I have the same phone, so I’m sure that he took it, as for some reason he doesn’t have one of his own.

So my self love thing that I had written about previously…I think that just by talking about it, it has gotten loads better.  I don’t feel that same pressure on myself…meaning the undue pressure that I usually put on myself…and those of you that know me well know that I do that, and frequently.  I have been praying about it a lot, to let God know that I know that he handles more of the big things, and that I just needed a little peace and patience with myself as far as self love goes.  I will cut the worst criminal in the history of mankind a break before I cut myself one.  So I’ve been working to either shove or blast that out of my system, that lack of self love.  I’ve managed to shoulder it to the door so far…

For those of you that still read this and think of me and support me…I don’t think that you guys will ever realize how much that means to me, and how much I appreciate what you all do for me.

I hope that I do show you guys the appreciation that you deserve, and if I don’t…just whack me on the head.  I need that sometimes, just like an old console TV…just a few knocks, and it’ll work just fine.

I have to say that I don’t think that I make you all feel even half as wonderful as you guys make me feel…for that, I apologize, and I will always continue to do my best to let you know that you are appreciated and loved.

I love you guys.

Love Supremely,

The Mexican


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