Side to Side and Old 8mm Film Movies…

Yo, YO!

Obviously I’m in a much better mood today.  I had a relaxing night and a relaxing day.  The exent of it involved me riding the bus early out to North Topeka with Sweet-N-Low to get some stuff from my dad, Old Man’s house.  I got my folklorico dress that I’ve had for 16 years (DAMN! I had it made that long ago?!) and my violins from his house.

I got my violins because I think that it has become time for me to get them fixed.  I miss playing them, even if I’m just practicing.  One of them won’t be too hard to fix, but I need two sets of new strings for both (eight strings total), a new bow for each one, and new cases for both…and that ain’t cheap.  Count in there that I got Uncle Johnnie’s old guitar that I need to have restrung and cleaned up to play again, and that amounts to a Christmas/birthday present thing.  I love music and since I’ve not had a regular outlet to perform, I think that’s where some of my listlessness has come from that I’ve felt. 

Moving on, I also walked to the gas station on 21st and Wanamaker to get cigarettes for Nickos and Sweet-N-Low and get ice from the liquor store…it’s only a dollar for a bag of ice .  Kools for Sweet-N-Low, Newports for Nickos.  But it’s just funny whenever I get carded…I know they have to for people under a certain age, but the lady looked at me like I wasn’t going to be 18…it just killed me.

I went to the Sprint store before I went to the gas station to see if I could do something with my plan.  Apparently, Sprint has the same thing that T-Mobile and Alltell has, you know with the top five people or something…I know Alltel has more…but the guy that usually gives me the hook-up wasn’t working, so I didn’t ask.  I kind of really need to get it…I’ve definitely got five people I could put on there that I talk to a lot. If anyone can get something done for me, he can, but I’ll just wait til he works again.

I also finished burning the remaining DVDs I had to burn for some members of my family.  One of my great aunts found some old 8mm films from the late 60s, early 70s that belonged to my great-grandma. As I was watching them, my Gramitas was on them, in a wedding, and seeing her in her late twenties, same age as me, I could finally see why so many people tell me that I look like her.  My great Uncle Frankie came to my Uncle Dave’s house for a while on Fourth of July, and the first thing he said to me was,”Damn, baby, for a minute there, I thought it was my sister standing on the porch!” That makes me happy…I thought she was such a beautiful and wonderful woman, and for me to be compared to her…I just feel really honored.

I was finishing the fifth season of Oz today, when one of the characters said something interesting.  My favorite character on the show is Ryan O’Reily and his cellmate was a priest named Father Meehan (imprisoned for assault during a rally).  Ryan’s brother, Cyril (who is slow), was facing the death penalty, and Ryan wasn’t really trying to do anything to appeal his case, so that the crime that Cyril was being convicted of would only get him more prison time as opposed to being executed.  Father Meehan had been trying to reach out to Ryan, to get him to see reason, to get him to see that his brother’s life was important enough to try to save him.  Ryan would die for his brother, and he loved him very much, so to Father Meehan, Ryan’s actions were denying what was truly in his heart, which was to keep his little brother safe. 

At one point, Father Meehan asked Ryan what it was that Ryan had against the Church, meaning the Catholic Church.  Father Meehan was just trying to get to know Ryan to reach out to him, when he asked Ryan this:

“Why do you wear that cross of gold? Do you believe in the risen Christ, or is it just some sort of bauble?”

Ryan ignored him.

Meehan – “And what about your brother’s life?”

Ryan – “What is it you’re always preachin’ about? The upside to “Life Everlasting” and all that fucking Catholic nonsense?!”

After that, Meehan just continued to try to help Ryan sort through himself, and eventually he did help Ryan see the point…and he also got to the bottom of Ryan’s issue with the Church.

When his father had shaken his little baby sister to death, he went and told a priest about it…he couldn’t have been more than five or six years old…and the priest told him not to lie about his father, and to go home and honor him.

I hate that stereotypes like this are presented about the Catholic Church…I should know a lot about stereotypes, being a woman and Latina…and I’ve had all three stereotypes thrown at me all at once, but I’ll tell you what…eventually, these people that choose not to understand things for themselves, they will be sorry that they didn’t.  I wrote something about making decision for oneself about three years back when I was in freshman comp at Washburn.  I wrote about people criticizing Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and I spoke about why it was important to read/watch them before taking someone else’s opinion of them…how important it was to make your own assessment of things before you make a decision.


Hmm…not quite sure if that made sense, but it did to me, so that’s all that matters

But I am happy that I was so happy today…

I’m such a dork.

Love Supremely,

The Mexican


2 thoughts on “Side to Side and Old 8mm Film Movies…

  1. Lord_Kestrel says:

    wow you write a lot! it’s a good thing though =Dbut yeah! i’ve been..meh…alive? idk normal i guess…but yeah i really wanted to see coldplay when they were in Philly but alas! i was away in germany the first date they were supposed to be here and then it got rescheduled and i was in maine that time =( and now i’ll be at another concert!…but that’s ok, like i said! cuz anberlin is just awesome tooand go with verizon…the supreme cell company =Pwell…i guess that’s about it for now anyway…peace!K~E~S

  2. mugatu216 says:

    Ahhhh I’m good! How the hell of you been? Where the hell have you been? geeeeeze : ]P

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