A Five Carat Round Tanzanite…

I’m going to say right now that I am extremely angry writing this.  I say this because normally when I close at work, we get out of there about 9:30 or so…tonight I got out at 10:41.

We had a restyle show today, a “Diamond Event,” with a new company for our restyle shows, Dana Augustine.  The people, Sandy, Rodney, and David, were wonderful people to work with.  But the problem was not with them.  The problem was with my two assistant managers.

There is a reason why we have sales associates and office associates.  The sales associates sell, and the office associates take care of everything else.

When we are ringing up stuff from the show, there is an item number for all loose stones and an item number for all mountings.  Therefore, they have to be rung up seperately on the sale instead of as one whole piece.  And the prices are even, like $299.00 instead of $299.99.

My assitant managers wrote two sales that the items were combined under the wrong sku number, and two other times they each screwed up how much the customer was supposed to pay for them.

Because of this, it took 40 minutes to finish closing down my first register.  The show totals have to be entered before you can close out all of the registers.  Couldn’t do that without fixing the variance in show totals versus the totals we had in the register.

And we had to completely finish putting in all of the props and merchandise in the 26 square feet of showcase that was emptied out for the show.  We had to reorganize everything again to how it was before.

Hence, why myself and the sales associate, Eula, left at 10:41…my manager stayed there because the show people hadn’t finished what they were supposed to.

This is why I am so damn mad.

I’m glad I don’t work tomorrow, because if I did, I might have Gone Postal on someone.

However, I have realized that I really am more of an angry person than I give myself credit for.  I don’t think that I need anger management, I just need…something…to make me happier more of the time.  I know what that is, but I have to be patient about it.  I know that eventually I will have that happiness most of the time, but sometimes I wonder if I deserve that happiness. 

Growl, it’s just because I’m mad, I think…I don’t know…

Aside from being royally pissed off about closing, the day went very well.  We did a total of $14,799 for our show and I had four different people today say something about me losing weight.

The last time I did that, losing weight I mean, not a whole lot of people noticed.  But this time, they are noticing.  I wonder why that is? I have no idea why.  It was my regional manager, KN one of the assistant managers, and my cousin and his wife.

My cousin Kaze, he has been my buddy since I was 1 and he was newborn.  So when we see each other, it’s like the lights get a little brighter.  And it’s great because while he acts scared of me, as do the majority of my male cousins do (I don’t know why lol), he treats me like a person and he always has.  His wife Mrs. Kaze, is awesome.  She is so much fun, and she gets sad sometimes because I don’t go out with the rest of them. A lot of that is because all of the rest of them are out with their spouses, and at the time, I didn’t even have a significant other.  I’m hoping that we can go out at sometime soon, and that I can take Blue Eyes with me.  That will be so much fun…but I’ll have to worry about Kaze wanting to rub Blue Eyes’s hands and tell him he has soft hands .  But I do need to hang with them more…if only all of my cousins could find a babysitter at the same time.  Between them all, the ones that go out together, they have 11 kids between three couples and my one cousin, Hypnotize.  That’s a lot of kids, but I want four or five total, so I can’t really say anything.

And that’s all I have to say.


P.S. If only I could just have a calming hug, I would feel and be so much better…

P.S.S. …someone just made me laugh out loud…I feel a little better…


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