PEDESTRIANS…and stardust…

Again, something that I posted on myspace and meant to post here…I’m such a dork, no?


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

As many of you know, I have never had my own car.  Driven cars by others, yes, but I’ve never had my own car.  Part of that reason is because I didn’t have a license for four years…ask me about it sometime, it’s too long to talk about here…and the other reason is because I’ve just honestly never really needed one.

When I lived with Dad, I rode the bus to work and he picked me up from work.  When I moved out here to the freaking West Side, I realised that not only was I directly on the bus line…I didn’t have to walk six blocks to the bus stop…but I was also only a 10-20 minute walk away from work, depending on how fast I walked.  That is part of my reason for losing almost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year, walking to and from work so much.  However, my coworkers, being the caring people they are, would never let me walk home at night.  I’d also catch severe crap from them if I walked and it was cold/hot/kinda rainy, so periodically I ride the bus every now and then.

That being said, I have noticed the complete and utter lack of concentration and attention that drivers display when they are driving. 

Case In Point 1:

I was walking to work. At the corner of 21st and Wanamaker, I had a green light going north/south.  I had not made it to the corner in time to press the Walk button, but I still had a green light.  I proceeded to cross the street, going north towards Chili’s, when this gentleman went to make a right hand turn going south.  He had the red light, and last time I checked, when making a right hand turn, you are supposed to stop fully, look left, right, then left again before turning. He was completely looking north, left, and didn’t even bother to look to his right, which was the direction I was coming from.  As I was crossing, I realised very quickly that he was not going to stop and just keep rolling through the turn. I did a skip-step-thing, and hopped past his car, having to put my hand on the corner of his hood as it was about a few inches away from my left knee.  Of course, being a pedestrian, he proceeded to yell at me, and I gave him a dirty look, and kept walking to work.

Case In Point 2:

Living so close to Target, Dillon’s, Petsmart, and in a way, HyVee, it is very easy to see why I’m glad I live where I do.  As none of us in the apartment own a car, it is very nice to be able to live as close to everything as we do.  If we don’t walk, we can take a cab and it isn’t that far.  Mom and I walked to Dillon’s, and on our way back, we decided to stop at Target very quickly.  We were crossing the street by the off ramp on 21st, across the street from Priscilla’s.  Again, a woman in a minivan was making a right hand turn, and she was totally looking west, to her left, instead of checking right, to the east.  She clearly had a red light, and the other drivers of the cars that were stopped were just staring at her.  As we were walking across, it’s as if she didn’t even see us…I don’t know how, as Mom had on bright pink capris and a white shirt, but whatever.  She passed right next to us and was so close that I could have knocked on her window…I don’t even think she saw us as Mom yelled at her as she drove away.

Case In Point 3:

I love to walk…anyone who knows me knows that much about me.  I was walking down Fairlawn, doing my normal walk/jogging.  I got down to 29th, and was crossing on a green light.  Then all of a sudden, these cars came up fast from the west going east, and I was about six or seven feet from the corner, when this black car, making a right hand turn, was just cruising along, flowing into said right hand turn.  I just kept walking, thinking,”Oh, he’ll see me, I’m right in front of him.” Then at the last second,”Wait, he isn’t going to stop.” He slammed on his brakes, as I still had a green light, and proceeded to cuss me out.  This time, I got pro-active…I flipped him off.

Please remember that there are many reasons why people choose not to drive, or can’t drive…and while not driving may seem like a huge inconvenience to many of you, it may be the only way that some people can get around.  And while you may choose to exercise in a gym, some of us enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine.

Please watch out for pedestrians…we have as much right of way as you do.


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