I Never Knew Something Could Be So Simple and Beautiful.

Dad, Bunny, and I went to this local bar in North Topeka called Joletta’s.  There was a band there that night called Prism and they covered a lot of classic rock and stuff like that.  I think they’re from KC.  The guitarist was awesome, and what better band line-up than a female bassist and female drummer?  They were really good and a lot of fun.

When they took breaks, the bar owners would turn on the virtual jukebox.  Bunny and I played RHCP, Santana, Earth-Wind and Fire, U2, Audioslave, Bad Religion, and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.  Then while we were waiting to hear our songs, I heard one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

Bunny was singing along with this song that had a really pretty riff to it, and he sang at the top of his lungs…which is very funny considering he usually doesn’t sing ON key, let alone when he’s had a pitcher…and in the middle of the song, I asked, “Hey Bunny! What’s this song?  Who is this?”

And he looked at me with a bit of incredulity, then said, “It’s Oasis, duh!”

“How the hell would I know?  I didn’t listen to modern stuff ’til high school, freak!”

“Oh, didn’t know that!”

Whatever. “What’s the name?”




And when I got home, I downloaded it so I could listen to it some more…It’s such a beautiful song…I really like the lyrics (normally, I don’t pay any attention to them).  My pictures at the top, well, my visual for being someone’s wonderwall…I thought it was sweet, anyway… I know that someday I’ll meet my wonderwall…

God, could I GET any schmoopier?

I hate it when people automatically assume that I like music ONLY BECAUSE other people do.  I love songs, artists, music because I love the story they tell, not because every Tom, Dick, and Harry do.

I was brought up with classic rock, some old rock ‘n’ roll, disco, and funk.  My dad loved The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, Santana and Boston, Golden Earring and The Clash.  Mom loved The Commodores, the Doobie Brothers, Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, Pink Floyd, and Earth, Wind and Fire.  I was also raised on new wave and all other 80’s music.

I rarely listened to what would now be termed as “popular music” meaning it was very popular at the time…with the exception of new wave and 80s.  I didn’t listen to the modern stations as we moved into the 90s.  I prefered to listen to the oldies and classic rock stations . Aside from Mexican music and Latin music in general, that’s how I was.

I dated a guy when I was in high school that introduced me to Brian McKnight and Will Smith.  Not that I didn’t know who Will Smith was, but I had no idea who Brian McKnight was.  I fell in love with R&B right away.  I began to adore popular music quickly, and I was a huge fan of a lot of it, but as we moved into 2001, I moved into the more foreign territory, for me at least, of house, trance, rock, and world.

Slowly, but surely, I came to appreciate more and more different music forms and styles.  Notice I don’t say “genres”…I think that is a very shallow definition, music can’t be confined that closely or tightly.

That’s why I like Arabesque, Orange Range, Oasis, Lady Sovereign, Afro Celt Sound System, John Legend, El Gran Silencio, Basement Jaxx, Keane and Corinne Bailey Rae.

So from now on, if you so feel the need to criticize my musical taste, beware…you might just be criticizing yourself.

…damn, that was long…


One thought on “I Never Knew Something Could Be So Simple and Beautiful.

  1. mugatu216 says:

    I can’t believe you’ve never heard Wonderwall before. Well, I’m glad you finally did. I love this song =D Oh, and there’s another song by Oasis called Champagne Supernova I think you may like. So check that out, too.
    And damn, you have a lot of pictures at the top of your site o_o

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