Really, it’s not that I don’t love Xanga anymore…I mean, I hardly update my MySpace…but anyway, I suppose an update is in order…

This is my recent new love, Farscape.  I can’t believe I never watched it when it was on Sci-Fi, but then again, I didn’t have cable when it came out, so I have an excuse!

I still love my job, no big surprise there…and I am infinitely enjoying the summer vacation.  It’s so nice to have nothing else to do when I’m not at work.  Still working on filling up the old iPod as I’m up to 1381 songs…And Jeffrey says there’s no way I’d get 4500…I’m beginning to think that being delusional runs genetically in my family…

New favorite artist is Gnarls Barkley…Crazy is the song, St. Elsewhere is the album…

This is my new favorite, erm, man…

Heeheehee…John Crichton from Farscape…that man is beautiful…

Contrary to popular belief, I WILL be attending youth group before the summer’s out because I won’t be able to when school starts back up again.  The main reason I haven’t been there is because I have been asked to work more, and Sundays are when people ask me to come in, and believe you me, we (here at home, the apartment) really need the extra money.  In addition, I have gotten to spend A LOT more time with my family on the Sundays I’m off because I haven’t been able to see them either since I work so much.  Mom works at the bar again, formerly TJ’s – currently Hot Pockets, and she is getting to do more than just wait tables, so we’ll see. I chill with her and Nick on Friday and Saturday nights every other week.

My school schedule is on Monday and Wednesday, so I get Tuesday, Thusday, Friday, and Saturday to work, with Sunday for church and homework.  Depending on my work load from school, I may work on Sundays…

It’s really tough, being on your own…I’m always afraid one of the three of us won’t have any food for the week, or Ciana or Sephiroth for that matter…

Speaking of which, here is the newest addition to our family…(Zach, Amanda, Ciana, and I)…

Sephiroth Waukeegan Kitty…

She belongs to Zach, Mom’s cat had kitties, and this is what he got…and yes, that is a Nintendo Gamecube…

Anyway, gotta go…have a few episodes of Farscape left to watch, then it’s on to the last, The Peacekeeper Wars!

Yeah, I know…a bit obsessed, huh?

And bu the way, no more Ben…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican


9 thoughts on “ALL THINGS FARSCAPE…

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. the man….those leather pants………ahhhhh

  2. mugatu216 says:

    awww! It’s a keety cat.
    : )

     yay ! I totally saw you and hung out with you tonight! bonus!
    see ya later taters!
    megoon! lol <><

  4. blairmeister says:

    i didnt go to the fiesta this year…cuz i didnt have a mexican to go with….you know that if you dont, its practically just like murder

  5. not much of a sci fi fan. but mr. crichton might get me into it, lol. i miss you!!!!! it’s been too long. but i understand your workload. and i don’t hold the lack of comments against you. i just miss you!
    sephiroth? in any way related to final fantasy?? tell me if it is, cause i know a huuuuuuuuuge FF fan, and she’d be happy to know that sephiroth was brought up, lol. anyways, the kitty’s so cute!! i wanna hug it and never let go. 🙂
    i’m not that into gnarls barkley.
    does that make me crazy?
    (you know i had to put that in there ^^)

  6. Anonymous says:

    That is a cool video.  I like it. 
    What’s up with you lately?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pretty much the same (as in, nothing).  Someone quit at work, so we’ve all been working extra hard to keep up until they hire someone new.  And my car’s started making funky noises now that I’m just a few months from having it paid off.  But other than that, not much.  Sorry the boyfriend didn’t work out. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love you too Peaches:) 

  9. so.. you are a slacker and you need to update…
     pretty tat though =)
    Megan <><

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