Hi guys…I’m not dead, I’ve just been so busy.  Yes, I’m aware that Amanda has been updating so I have no excuse…but whatever.

So, I didn’t fail any classes…YAY! However my GPA went from 3.1 to 2.98…yeah, HUGE deficit, huh?  Anyway, I signed up for new classes for the fall:

Mass Media Law, World Regional Geography, Piano for Beginners I, Meteorology, and Cardio Salsa Dance…I’m hoping this will be a semester like fall ’05…but it’s all good.

Everyone is doing fine and good…work is good, I’m working like a slave over the summer but I really need the money.

I am happy, I love living with Amanda and Zach, and I love my job, what more could I ask for?


And his name is Ben…….

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican


6 thoughts on “Hola…

  1. CarrieBell says:

    Who’s name is Ben?

  2. you mean his name is benny-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo. yes, i believe that is exactly what you meant. ;)so anyways….dang. that pic that you have allllll the way up at the top… mander looks different in that picture…. weird.lalalalalalalalai got 15 applications last night, just from the mall… hahabrit

  3. It is a very cute picture of the two of you.

  4. 387 days?!?!? i cant wait that long.. 😦
    oohh, it’s quinsinera? i always thought it was spelled with 2 t’s cuz it kinda sounds like that when you say it w/ a spanish accent. or maybe it’s just me..
    who’s ben? 😉
    like the new header. 🙂 so many good people on one page.. makes me feel good myself!

  5. mediagirl says:

    i miss you girl! You have to come back to us

  6. ahh I miss you!!!
    I see you and Ben are doing good…
    congrats dawwling!
    hopefully I can see you sometime…
    is there anyway ever that you’re going to come to church or youth group?
    oh I hope so!!

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