I would love to have a boyfriend…I would love to be done with school…I like to be clean and neat, but things never stay that way…I love going to church, just something about the silence that calms me…I miss dancing with the Ballet Folklorico and singing in the mariachi…I need to get my violin fixed, I miss playing it, even if it’s beginner stuff…I love to play pool, and just cos I go to a pool hall to play, that doesn’t make me a bad person…I am an adult, and there is nothing wrong with me having ONE Guinness at my dad’s…Just cos I want to get tattoos, that doesn’t make me a bad person, cos as a shirt said that someone here at Washburn had on “Jesus Loves Me And My Tattoos”…There are too many people that I know, and know of, that judge people based on music or piercings or tattoos or the fact that they go to bars to play pool, and I would like to know exactly when it was that God gave that person the authority and ability to judge people in His stead…Yeah, I’m a plus size girl, and I am beautiful just like the straight-body model looking girls, so guys, get over it, beauty doesn’t come in a neat little package…I love swing, hip hop, smooth jazz, hard rock, classical, bebop, pop, some country, cool jazz, rap, dance, electronica, christian, house, “21st century disco,” original punk, all latin/tropical, classic rock, and that doesn’t make me crazy…I miss Pope John Paul II…I miss my mom…and my dad…and to some extent my brothers… 

I like to gripe, but I just needed to really get it out…sorry about the shortness, but it needed to come out…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…


The Mexican


13 thoughts on “HONESTY…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am doing fantabulous!
    I think my friend Tracy (who used to work at Lane Bryant w/ us), her friend Emily and I are moving into an apartment in June.  I am not sure yet.  But we’re going to look at it tomorrow.  I’m so excited:)
    How are things with you?

  2. Go ahead girl, tell it like it is. I miss you, too. I hear you about school getting out. I am so READY!!!!! This semester has been so hard! I am looking forward to an email! 🙂 LOve ya, Kristen

  3. CarrieBell says:

    Thanks dude.  Too bad you don’t have a company that could hire me.

  4. RIGHT ON! lol i know what ya mean.and yes, you ARE anti social! lol

  5. yes hello miss eliza or how ever you spell your dadgum name well thats cool that you wanted to say hi i am always open for that so i guess i will talk to you soon bye


  6. Hlaoroo says:

    Wow.. it is really hard to find your comment box… lot’s o’ pictures.

  7. GO LIZA!!
    I liked your post. haha
    I’ve missed you! I never see you any more.
    My kitty kat scratched me.
    Now it burns.
    I guess that’s it.
    Love ya

  8. jazz was fun! and i’m glad you understand how little time i have. lol, but i bet you have even littler time..
    i admire your honesty! i wish i could just say whatever i’m feeling out loud.. but i’m automatically on “filter mode” if you know what i mean… my brain filters eveything that comes out so i’m not being too open…
    i wanna get a tattoo too… when i’m of age, of course. i hate it too when people judge others on their clothing or music choice. yeah, they dont have a right to judge..
    is that you in the pic? you look so pretty!! thats a cool theme too 🙂

  9. The granada was fun, I missed a band I wanted to see but it was still great. They played a lot of dance-ish music between bands… like for example the NUMA NUMA song by Ozone. lol….

  10. Anonymous says:

    I totally understand. And for the recoed. I’m a man that can’t stand the little model looking girls. I just want to yell at them “Eat for the love of God. You look like you’re dying!!!!” But then I hold back. And on tattoo’s. Did you know that Jesus has one? It says so in Revelation. Like 19:16 or 16:19. I always get them mixed up. But it does say so. So I am like if Jesus has one then I am too!!! Anyway. Hope to see you at church or CF soon. I misses you!!

    It was so good to see you last night! Sorry we didnt talk longer..I had two poeple on the phone…One on hold the other I was talking too..I was filling out an application, I was talking to Jaren and then you showed up right after that..Im so popular and I love you!

  12. blairmeister says:

    yes i miss ballet too….
    and i am soooo lying

  13. Check out my site for details about Sunday night. Love, Kristen

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