So I am really tired, mostly from school, and I do not feel like I have learned anything yet…

Except for in Latin Dance…I tell you, if this class uses “leave the hip behind” method and I end up getting more definition in the curve department, then I feel wonderful.  Let me tell you, my hips have been a bit sore from the dancing…causing yours truly to realise that she actually has hips!  Wow, imagine that…

By the way, I have a MySpace… 

Anyway, I have other things to do…i.e. school work…so I will be going…

I really love K-Pop and J-Pop…

Please leave a comment…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican



  1. HEY!!!!  I havn’t talked to you in forever! How are things goin’? Oh yea by the way I added you to my friends on MySpace…just lettin’ you know so you’re not like “wow who’s this weird person.” haha.  Talk to ya later =)

  2. meamossa says:

    Wow, you don’t feel like you’ve learned anything yet… ME EITHER! Wow… Karen is really cranky today… Grrs….

  3. meamossa says:

    Ha Ha… See someone likes you! 🙂 And his name starts with a J and ends with an AKE! 🙂
    The sissy!

  4. i have not talked to ya in forevah!
    lol, i’m sure college is really great. latin dance, eh? sounds fun!
    aww!! look at baby larry! *squeezes baby larry* dont forget about ur xanga buddies and move on over to myspace! cuz i dont like myspace…
    and about the above post, whooo’s jaaake? oooooo!! is he your booyfriend? lol, now i just sound stupid. you dont have to tell me if you dont wanna, but i’m curious!!

  5. yeah of course, this is like the frist time i have ever commented you well it’s good that i finally am

  6. OwenHiggins says:

    Hips aching? thts a good sign… a sign you haven’t moved them in a whiile… All women should have compulsory belly dancing lessons… just cause that’d be cool.Men should have something compulsory aswellWhat is the facination with MYspace …. is it good for being single? I just don’t like it, I joined about two years ago… but I hardly use it.Btw, photo and how to take photos just happen after you take enough photos, I’d say to anyone I started very slowly about 6 years ago… and i’m not even good… my camera is probably one of the lowest ranging SLRs on the market aswell.. Its all about getting out there and lying in duck poo.Slan

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