You should all listen to this song…couldn’t tell you about the song lyrics…I am an instrumentalist…but the music is amazing…

Hello…not much interesting to say…I lost 1.2 pounds this week!  Yay for me!  Work is work…I have been picking up extra hours so I am not complaining about that. 

And here’s the great news:

Mom got a job!!!!  A real job!!!!!   Praise the Lord!!!!!!

So I think she starts this weekend…I think!  Yay for Mommy!

Classes are going well.  There is this adorable guy in my Latin Dance class that is a ridiculously awesome dancer, and let us just say that he knows how to shake it shake it!  He really is a great dancer.

I hope to get down to my ten percent goal by May or June, which would put me at 170…I am currently at 193, so let us hope I stay the course!

Well, I need to go play pool with Mom and Nick, so I will love on you guys more later…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican



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