Okay, okay…

I’ll do it myself…

Background – The Beatles

(Top to Bottom)

Row 1 – The Who…All Saints

Row 2 – U2…The Beatles

Row 3 – Basement Jaxx…The Who…the Fifth Dimension

Row 4 – U2…Backstreet Boys

Row 5 – The Beatles…Basement Jaxx…Aerosmith

Row 6 – A-ha…(the following are self-explanatory…) ATC…Bananarama

Row 7 – U2…Basement Jaxx

Row 8 – Tito Puente…Adam Clayton

Row 9 – The Edge…Bono

Row 10 – Mr. Larry Mullen Jnr.


I wanted to put pictures up on the background with the songs I had picked out…but I couldn’t get the songs off of Singingfish

But remember…I don’t have my own computer, so until Padfoot decides to get Limewire, I can’t use it to put songs on my site…

If I can somehow use the songs I have in iTunes, let me know…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican



Erm, I bought my dog a puppy shirt from Old Navy…

It looks like a nightshirt on her…however it didn’t stay on long…she wiggled out of it before bedtime…I love my baby…

John Coltrane is wonderful…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican


I am so happy that latin dance class starts back up again. It was canceled last week because it was V-day, and our instructor said that in the twelve years she has been at Washburn, every time she has had class on V-day, no one ever shows up. Myself and a few other girls assured her vehemently that we would be there for class, as we had nothing to do on V-day, and we did not have Valentines anyway……but still no class…

Anyway, classes are going well…got an 82 on my Public Speaking test…two points more than what I expected! YAY! I’m getting a C in computer class, but that’s due to the freaking quizzes that we take…I hate quizzes, have I mentioned that? 

Enough of my whining.  I am getting over this minor sickness and I have to work tomorrow.  FUN!  Its all good, but I feel a bit worn down.  Thank God for spring break!!  However, I believe that I will be working a lot during that time…must be nice to go somewhere for spring break.

Well, I have a test to study for that I have on Thursday, and since I will not have time to study for it tomorrow, I better do it now…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…


The Mexican


Yeah, do not worry!  I have not forgotten about you guys.  I am just on myspace to talk to a few of my friends that I do not get a chance to talk to otherwise.


~ I got my federal refund back (), so I got some of the things that I needed to get.

~ Mom bought me my first diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day…it is very pretty, and it is in the shape of a heart. I love my Mom!

~ Padfoot managed to get me minorly sick, so I am currently trying to kick it over.

~ Home is home. That is how I feel about it, anyway…

~ I stayed with my boss, Elizabeth, yesterday after work cos the carpet cleaning guys came to the store. We watched “Red Eye,” had El Mezcal, and she got me the hottest possible salsa (chile, for those looking to be a bit more authentic…), and my mouth burned for about ten whole minutes.  I just wanted the regular salsa to help clean out my sinuses!


Not much else…I lead a boring life, I suppose, but I have fun!  That is the key, right?

Well, have to go do homework…email me if you are feeling bored, too!

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican


So I am really tired, mostly from school, and I do not feel like I have learned anything yet…

Except for in Latin Dance…I tell you, if this class uses “leave the hip behind” method and I end up getting more definition in the curve department, then I feel wonderful.  Let me tell you, my hips have been a bit sore from the dancing…causing yours truly to realise that she actually has hips!  Wow, imagine that…

By the way, I have a MySpace…


Anyway, I have other things to do…i.e. school work…so I will be going…

I really love K-Pop and J-Pop…

Please leave a comment…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican

Four jobs I’ve had

1. Screenprinting shop assistant
2. Full time clothing assistant manager
3. Babysitter
4. Jewelry store office associate

Four movies I can watch over and over

1. The Wizard of Oz
2. Ever After
3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
4. The Lord of the Rings (ANY!)

Four places I have lived

1. 420 NE Scotland
2. 716 NE Poplar
3. 1901 NW Lincoln
4. 2421 SW Candletree Dr…all in Topeka

Four TV shows I love

1. Oz
2. The O.C.
3. The X-Files
4. Lost

Four places I’ve vacationed

1. Kansas City, Missouri
2. St. Louis, Missouri
3. Ft. Worth, Texas
4. San Jose, California

Four of my favorite dishes

1. Enchilada casserole
2. Pepperoni & broccoli pizza
3. Israeli chicken
4. Turkey and creamed peas

Four places I would rather be right now

1. On the beach in Corpus
2. Ireland
3. In the pool
4. Playing pool