So, I have come to the conclusion that I am attracted to bad guys…I suppose that would mean that I have BBS…Bad Boy Syndrome.

Okay, so one of my absolute favorites is Ryan O’Riley from OZ, and man, you just cannot get any worse than that…

He has breast cancer, and the prison doctor, Dr. Gloria Nathan, manages to help him defeat the disease, and this is where things get scary.  Ryan falls in love with Gloria and he has his (slow) brother, Cyril, kill Gloria’s estranged husband (they were separated). Gloria lashes out at Ryan and tells him that she hates him. Gloria gets attacked the same day she says this and blames Ryan for the attack. Ryan accepts responsibility for it only because Gloria said that was what she wanted to hear. Ryan confesses to the prison chaplain, Father Mukada, that he lied that day and told someone that he was responsible for something that he did not do. When Gloria’s attacker, Patrick Keenan, arrives in OZ, Ryan befriends him, somewhat, and then proceeds to kill Keenan for what he had done to Gloria…all because he loves her so much. I am currently watching the series, and right now, Gloria has confessed to the prison psychiatrist, Sister Peter Marie, that she has realised that she is in love with Ryan as well…

Yeah, I always manage to pick the guys that are dangerous, maniacal, vengeful, cunning, dangerously good-looking…the list goes on…Okay, maybe not ALL of the guys, but I would say that they all have at least one of these (or one that I have not mentioned) traits about them…

Well enough rambling for the day…I have some things to take care of…

I am reading a book for class? ………………………………

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…


The Mexican


6 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    How the deuce does a man have breast cancer?

  2. mediagirl says:

    except for larry he isn’t a “bad” boy……….hey check your local wal-mart i found rattle and hum on dvd for 4.88

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  4. meamossa says:

    Seriously sis! UPDATE!

  5. meamossa says:


  6. The guy who played the orginal shaft had breast cancer

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