Chapter 7: ¡OTRA! ¡OTRA! Electrified and Amaze-i-fied

They walked off the stage, and for some reason, every time Larry came to the front of the stage, I never seemed to be right on target to take a picture of him, hence a few pictures of him from behind….  They came back out for the first encore, and the beginning of it was rather strange, as they had this slot machine-like animation on the top screen, and numerous things flashed by: George H.W., Clinton, Michael Jackson…things important around the time of the ZooTV tour…Great except for the strange little face that was saying “Mama!” much like the little kid from the Evil Strawberry.   A bit scary.  Anyway, their first song was Until The End Of The World, and I was a bit sad as I was wishing for Bono to go off twirling a towel and I was waiting for “IS THIS ROCK AND ROLL?!” at the end of the song…see the video for the song .  However, I was quite happy that we got to hear the song!  I love it!  Then we got Mysterious Ways, during which I held up my sign as high as I could, and something tells me that I should have held it up earlier when he was walking around the ellipse…nevertheless, I enjoyed the song extremely, and close to the end, Bono pulled up this girl on stage (and you KNOW I was jealous…) and they danced they way right into With or Without You*sigh* I say that because Bono kneeled in front of her and was on his knees and just held her close through most of the song…trust me, you had to be there….

They departed again and Padfoot and I started chanting “¡Otra! ¡Otra!” (Another one! Another one!) and Edge and Bono came out with soft red lights, as they played Stuck In A Moment (You Can’t Get Out Of).  I recorded Edge singing, and I was sooo happy, cos I love that song so much, but it is even better when it was just the guitar and Bono’s voice.  Larry and Adam came in at the end.  Then Crumbs, oh Crumbs!  This song is just fantastic and it really makes me laugh, thinking about when the song was written !  Eh-heh, and Bono forgot the words at a point, cos I remember going, “What the heck? What version is this?”  It was just genius!  Then we got Yahweh, which is such a beautiful idea, the song itself, and YAY!  Larry came from behind the kit and played the little machine at the front of the stage…some great pictures from that song!  And then the end had come…*sniffs loudly and the patrons of the library look at her with concern and annoyance*40 was the last song.  Edge played the bass and Adam played the guitar, and the video I have of the song is hilarious, cos sweet Tom next to me, bless him, is completely tone deaf, so when everyone would sing “How long to sing this song?” it always sounded like there was an extremely drunk basset hound was next to me!  One by one, they left the stage, and when Bono left the stage, of course retarded me did not have my camera ready so that I could get a picture of Bono taking off his rosary, placing it on the mic stand, kissing the crucifix, and leaving…*SIGH*…then Adam left, followed by Edge, and I recorded Larry, as he was the last to leave the stage…I could listen to him drum for hours…And then for a few minutes more, and even right after Bono left, everyone else sang “How long…” until the lights came up…

Without a doubt, the most spiritual, mind-blowing, emotional, loving, beautiful, and awesome experience I have ever had…


Chapter 8: My Feet Hurt…Well Now Your Back Will Hurt Cos You Just Pulled Lanscaping Duty…

Padfoot and I waited for most of the people on the floor to file out before we tried to leave…too many people.  I gave Tom my email, and as we were walking out, I heard someone call my name…It was Nivi!  Her boyfriend surprised her at the concert, and right after the concert, he asked her to marry him!  What a wonderful ending to the concert!  CONGRATS, NIVI!!!!

We finally made it to the elevator, and proceeded to take it to the floor where it was connected with the hotel…Not the most intelligent idea, as everyone else did the same, but when we got to the hotel, it was like the band were already there!!  No kidding!!  We made it back to our room, and I told Padfoot that we would relax for a few hours and go back down to the lobby when most people had left, and the band would (hopefully!) be back!  Well, we were a couple of little old ladies, and we were so exhausted that we fell asleep! 

When we left in the morning and came back, it felt as if we had not just been there.  I kept asking Padfoot, “Did we just go to the concert?”

It was amazing, and I advise EVERYONE to try to see U2 just once in their life!

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican 


4 thoughts on “

  1. meamossa says:

    That was like the best trip down memory lane that I’ve had for a long time! 🙂 Yay… If onlly we could go back and do it over and over and over again… Without the drunk guys this time!
    Ha ha!

  2. mediagirl says:

    You forgot the most important part about Stuck in a Moment ” My friend Loreli goy to touch Bono durring “Stuck in a Moment That You Can’t Get Out Of”lol I have been having trouble loading your site =( I am not sure why. Miss you and wish we could hang out! Caio

  3. give my congrats to your friends for getting engaged!! that’s an awesome way to end an awesome night. 🙂
    you were so frikin close to the stage! i’m jealous! but i love your sign and hat, lol! but i bet bono doesn’t know a word of spanish, so he had no clue what it said, haha. that zooropa roulette thing was in the chicago dvd!! it immensely entertained me. 🙂 and i know what you mean, as soon as the concert was over, i couldn’t believe i had just seen them. and i kept asking my dad, omg, did we just see U2 live?
    i saw them, what is it now… 2 months ago and i’m still in ‘post-concert depression’ lol. and i have no clue who that guy is below larry. hehe, you made me happy by blowing him up to like, 5x the size of everyone else. ^^

  4. k wow thats really hard to read!  u r subscribed by many ppl so i figured u must b really cool and ur in lypton village!  well yea i am a huge U2 freak and i must say lypton was my idea lol!
    well i will try to talk to u sometime cuz i love meeting U2 fans
    IM me sometime either at Carrey9 or XxAlliWantisU2xX

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