Chapter 3 : Oh, So THAT’S Who You Are!

Padfoot and I were chillin when we came back from the hotel, when I thought, “Hey, I have Recelee’s number, I’ll call her and see where she is!”  Recelee is a fellow Zootopian on the website that I met, and her and I exchanged numbers so we could call each other when we got there.  I called her and asked her where she was.  She was sitting behind a trash can in the lobby, so I could not see her.  She stuck her pink boots out from behind said trash can, and we found her!  We also met Nivi, who had traveled with Recelee and is also a Zootopian.  We hung out and decided, about 12:30pm, that we were hungry.  Due to the “numbers” that we had, we left and went to have lunch at the Hilton’s bar.  Very nice, might I add, and not too expensive, either. 

We went back and just chilled, when I remembered that I had to finish making my sign.  I went back to the car to get my poster board and the big fat marker…after getting my stuff, I realised that I had better hide it in my jacket cos the mean lady probably would not let me take it in.  So I rolled up the poster board, and shoved it up the arm of my jacket (yes, jacket…it was not THAT cold ), and proceeded to go back in, caused the girls to laugh at me cos I had hid it so well that they could not tell, and I pulled it out and started working on it.  Well, give it about 2 or 3 minutes, and the TV crew that was there covering the whole waiting in line thing came over and asked what I planned to put on the poster.  I told them and they asked if they could film me making it, which was cool, but then all Hades broke loose. The mean lady, who I shall dub Ursula (the Sea Witch!!! AACK!! ), came over and vehemently told me that I was not allowed to have that stuff in there, and that I had to take it outside.  Erm, forgive me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that I should have been doing it inside, not outside where the wind was blowing quite well, and it was below 25 degrees.  The cameraman told her that they were filming me, and I told her that I was almost done, but she told me that once I finished it, she was going to have to throw it away… is about how I felt…

So I went outside with my stuff, hid behind a column that blocked me from the wind, and I finished my sign.  I went back in scowling at Ursula and showed her my ticket stub, again for the 100th time, and I am quite sure I gave her a look that said “Just try and take it away from me…”

I was wearing my green santa/elf hat, when Recelee asked me if I was going to wear it in, and I said yes.  She suggested that I try to get Bono to see it, and maybe I ought to write something on it, in case he got it.  Well, here is what I wrote on one side of the hat…


I had people cracking up about the message, and I decided that I would do my best to get it to Bono.  I also met MediaGirl and her friend.


Chapter 4: Just Like The Cattle That We Are…Apparently

At about 5 or 5:30pm, they finally herded us up in lines of Fan Club GA and Regular GA.  At this time, we discovered that there was absotively posilutely no point in the “numbers” thing, and everyone just forgot they had a number.  We hung out in line with these three guys, who were toasted to begin with, and this chick and her daughter, Christine (39) and Sarah (20).  The guys were quite funny, as they were toasted, and one of them totally had a small bottle of whiskey with them…WARNING, KIDS!  DO NOT DO THIS OR I WILL PERSONALLY HUNT YOU DOWN AND SICK THE DOLPHINS ON YOUR RUSTY DUSTY!!!  And we finally realised why he was having such a good time in line…and he is married !!!!!! 

Anyway, we finally got into this area that we had to wait in, and the dudes proceeded to consume more alcohol, and all the while I am wondering,

“Can you really have such a phenomenal time at the concert when you are so phenomenally toasted????”

Not so much, I decided.  We got scanned and….did not make it into the ellipse, but we ended up right behind some really cool people that were right on the rail…and close to the end they let us both on the rail!!!!  Anyway, we chilled with the people around us, including Christine and Sarah behind us, this late 30s/early 40s couple to the right of us (HER first U2 concert), this couple in their late 40s/early 50s to the left of us (who have been to countless U2 shows), and these 2 really cool cats in front of us–One was, I think from Boston (?), Tom,  and the other dude was from England…Liverpool……accent and everything!  Anyway, old boy from England told us that this would be his 16th show on this tour, and that he was going to the final two shows of the tour and the first show in Mexico in Monterrey!!! I am soooo jealous! 

We told him that it was our first U2 concert, he told us about meeting Bono and Edge in Boston (), and we talked U2 until Kanye West came on stage.


Chapter 5: WORK IT!!!

Kanye came on, and let me tell you, I have never seen a rapper perform onstage in person, but I can tell you this much:  I would not mind seeing Kanye perform again!  He was absolutely amazing!  He performed two songs that I did not know, Gold Digger, Workout Plan, Jesus Walks, and I think three other songs, two of which were brand spankin new.  He performed on stage with a DJ, a female harpist, and an all female sextet of strings which included 2 violinists, 2 cellists, and 2 viola players.  FREAKIN AWESOME!!!  There was this one girl that I am guessing was a soloist of some sort, because she had on this really cute/hot little white dress (everyone else wore black pant type outfits) AND she had stilletos on…and she danced while she played…and she never stopped dancing through the whole performance.  Anyway, there was a song that he did during which he segued into “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurhythmics, and the crowd was singing it while he did his “What” thing that rappers like to do.  It was totally awesome! 

He finished and got a very nice and tough applause, and he sure did deserve it!  Tom decided to make a quick run for it and get a beer, and asked a few other people around him if they wanted anything.  A few people said yes, and he left to go get the drinks.


Join me next Monday, where I will tell you about the evil people on the floor!  The ACTUAL concert, and Bono strutting in front of us!


Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican


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  1. LMAO! i read your entire story so far, word for word, and it sounds like your trip was hilarious! it makes me wish that i had talked to the U2 fans around me but i was intimidated by their age and knowledge. but the dude next to me didn’t even know why they named 40!! so i did have more U2 knowledge than some people around me, but anyways….. its great that you met so many people! i cant wait to see how the actual concert turned out!

  2. Great journal. You should print that off and save it always! Funny stuff. Good memories!
     Love, K

  3. update!! i need to know what happened at the concert!! oh, and i hope you had a great new years!

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