Here begins the Chronicles of Padfoot and Prongs…Well, from Prongs’ point-of-view, anyway…Each will begin and end as I see fit, and visuals for those that choose not to read will be up on Monday…stupid Washburn…And on we go!  TO WAAAAAR!!! DEAAAAATH!!

…It is called too much Lord of the Rings…GO THEODEN!!!!!!


The Mexican


Chapter 1: Too Freaking Early In The Morning!!!

Padfoot and I awoke at about 4:45am on Thursday, December 15th…much to my dismay, as I thought that I had set the alarm for me to get up about 4am, but whatever.  I had gone to bed at about midnight, so I felt as though I had just had a nap.  I showered and got ready, then took stuff out to the car while Padfoot showered and got ready. As we left the parking lot, I realised that I had forgotten my Sonic ice with which I was going to chew to help me stay awake while I drove…BLAST!!  We stopped at Wal-Mart to get some red and black window chalk, but they only had red…you know, to decorate the car …and we also got a poster and a big fat black permanent marker (that was big enough to be considered a hazard to breathing air).  Then a stop was made at McD’s, cos let us face, why would one want to go off driving for about 3 and 1/2 hours, and not have any breakfast? 

We took off north and began our journey.  May I just say that sunrise is absolutely beautiful?  It was almost pitch black when we left, but oh my God, once the sun started coming up…I have to be honest, I have not seen the sky turn so many beautiful colors in a long while…*sigh*.  I started with Madonna and Basement Jaxx in the player, which was followed by Linkin Park and then U2.  I needed the dance music bad to help keep me awake!!  Anyway, we played “War” by U2 and I think that was what we were listening to when we cruised into a little town in Nebraska called Auburn…*snicker snicker*…The weather was just plain screwy!  It was snowing, but not hard or anything, just lightly, and by the time we reached Omaha, well, it was still snowing the same way, only it was sticking in places. 

I just have to say how scared I was when we came into Nebraska…I know I will sound like a total idiot, and I am sure that it is just because I am a city girl, but I had no idea it was legal anywhere to have a rifle/gun rack in the back of your truck, let alone put said rifle/gun on the back of it!!!  Padfoot told me, “You know you are in true redneck country when there are gun racks on the back of trucks, and the guns in them are loaded.”  I cringed inwardly…SCARY!


Chapter 2: Are Those Tents I See???  Can I Jump On The Bed, Pretty Please!!!

As the title says, we were pulling onto the street that the Qwest Center and the Hilton were on, when I looked over by the entrance, and saw that there were fans that had camped out for the night…!!!!!  I would have!!!  We pulled into the front of the Hilton driveway, and I was about to get out of the car, when this big, tall dude came up to driver’s side and opened my door……I am sorry, but I have NEVER had my door opened for me, not even when I had a boyfriend!!  So the dude was very nice and polite, and I went inside, checked in, and came back out so we could park in the garage.  We did this and started to rearrange things, because we were sure that we were going to be standing outside in the cold.  We proceeded to take our things up to the room, and can I just say that if you ever get a chance to stay at the Hilton, even just once, DO IT.  The elevator talked to us when it stopped, and even the housekeeping people told us good morning and all that jazz.  We got into the room, and oh my goodness!  I have never been in such a nice room!!  There was special Crabtree something-or-other toiletry products and, after I asked permission from Padfoot, I ran and jumped on the bed!!! I have always wanted to do that…and the bed was bouncy but firm…ahhhhhh…*drool drool*

Oops!  Anyway, we got situated and headed downstairs so that we could go and wait in line, but not before we got all of our jackets and coats on and our chairs to sit in.  On our way there, a girl was coming back to the hotel, and informed us that since it was so cold, that they were letting us into the lobby, but we could not take anything in that we were not taking into the concert.  Well, we turned around because what was the point in us taking our stuff, and so we did that, but when we finally came back (about 10 min later) the evil mean lady (those that went to Omaha KNOW who I am talking about…) would not let you take in almost anything…including something to read while in line, a water bottle, anything…So I took the video recorder back to the room (cos I run faster than Padfoot) and came back, which was when I proceeded to get a “number” for the line, so that I could leave and be guaranteed my place in line…which worked out wonderfully, of course, as Padfoot’s number was about, oh, 9 numbers ahead of mine…….and the lady that was giving out the numbers said that I could not go in with her, to which some nice dudes in line said to Padfoot that they would be sure that we went in together…they were right in front of her in numbers…


Join me tomorrow where I will tell you about my buddies in line, the drunk dudes that hung around us…and the concert….!!!!!


Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! ¡Salud!

The Mexican


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