I do not normally say things like this, but I hate the current weather…I normally love snow, but kids, remember, it is important to get your driver’s license early and to have a car when you are in your teens, because if you do not, then you will be (today!  yay!) 24 years old and have no form of personal transportation.  Therefore, no matter the weather, you must take the bus, public transportation…which honestly is not bad, however, when people do not take those that have to travel by bus or foot into consideration (meaning being too lazy to shovel their sidewalk ), then one is forced to either walk in the street (where you have a higher probablility that someone will skid on the snow/ice and hit you) or to walk on said sidewalks, doing your best not to ruin your nice work pants too much as you have to wade through the freaking snow…

I have said my piece…

And that should be the actual book, not the audio…I am not that lazy…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte!  ¡Salud!

The Mexican


8 thoughts on “

  1. Well hello the mexican, I will have to get your name haha It is 22 here in shreveport,la  and trust me that is FREEZING for us. I am not complaining because im a huge fan of the cold and i mean heck  after all its Christmas time.  Might want to invest in a taser to carry on the bus with you. For a small fee of 30.00 every 5 min I will come pick you up and be you own personal transport.

  2. Lord_Kestrel says:

    yay snow and side walks! well..sorta…happy bithday!lol snow is fun in its own little snowy way but its annoying in its same snowy way….it might makes sense…yep! latersKES

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MEXICAN!!!!!!!i would sing that los manianitas song….. but i don’t ‘member it. so yeah. guess you’re out of luck!BOOM CHA!!!!!!!!!!!! to answer your question on my site…… did you have to go to school yesterday? if so, then  you are not included in that, and you do not suck. if your classes were canceled…. then you do. sorry. hahakipper

  4. u like system of a down? whoa
    lol my brother does too
    they scare me haha
    love you!!
    RanDa <33

  5. AHH!! i feel like kicking myself in the head for forgetting you bday!!!!!!!! forgive me!! but a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! 🙂
    lol, i’ll take your rant to heart. i’ll get my drivers lisence as soon as i turn 16, lol. hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and your concert’s so close now! i bet you’ll have the greatest time!! talk to later!
    sorry, again. 🙂
    ps and i never thought i’d say this, but SoaD isn’t that bad. what song is this? from what album? cuz its pretty darn good. are they from the us?

  6. gte306n says:

    Happy Birthday!Welcome to the cool “we’re 24” club 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Happy late birthday, Liza!

  8. Happy belated birthday!!! I’m so mad at myself..I knew it was coming up, but I forgot it was this early in December!! Ah, well I hope you had a good one!  And I’m sorry you have to walk through the snow…that sucks.  You’re lucky you have snow tho…we havn’t seen any kind of winter weather over here in Georgia lol.  Just rain and cold, miserable weather.  3 DAYS TILL YOUR CONCERT!!! YAY!! Talk to ya later!

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