Leave me alone…so I like the Backstreet Boys…does that make me an idiot? 

So I am getting ready to leave school…only been here an hour.  Left this morning to take the bus to school.  Dude totally drove right past me……So I walked to the bank (15 minutes) to do something.  Did my thing.  Went out to catch the bus.  Dude totally drove right by me again……And stupid me wore my hoodie and my chucks because I did not want to be hot wearing my pea coat, cos I thought I was taking the bus…

And did I mention how cold it is today?  If you are walking, that is…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…I guess

Slainte…Salud…I suppose

The Mexican


One thought on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey…I like the U2 pics!
    Peace… and stay warm!

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