*snickers*  I have “Mofos” on my site…*snicker snicker*

Will talk later…do not want to be late for Jazz class…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely,

Slainte! Salud!

The Mexican


One thought on “

  1. lol, you’re so mature. ^^ but i would snicker too. i just read your long philosphical post and i so agree with you! i too have friends that i never thought i’d have. and i hate the idea that everyone is blending together in this mass popularity contest until you cant tell who they really are.
    i wanna see the original of the species video! i’ve said this so many times i wanna cry!! i get emotional whenever i listen to that song. i saw the first 30 seconds on u2.com and i loved it!!!!! where did you see it? i keep checking on VH1 for them to show it but they dont! *waaaaaaahhh* i’m sad. 😦
    ps i love you too!! lots of lots of love to you! *hug* i hope everyone i know knows how much i love them. *warm fuzzy feeling*

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