I advise all of you to go check out U2’s new video “Original of the Species”…I love this song…And the video is the very first music video to use the technology it has…

And a funny note: I do not cry easily at things, just ask my friends.  But I watched this video, while listening to it as well…and the tears just flowed…Bono wrote the song about his goddaughter, Hollie, who is Edge’s daughter…*ridiculously sappy sigh*

Go somewhere to watch it…I know that Yahoo and MTV do not carry it yet…If you are a U2.com member, then you can watch the video in its entirety…if not, you can still go to U2.com, Audio/Video section, and watch a clip of the video…

And this is pure beauty…

More later…

Love Sincerely, Love Supremely…

Slainte! Salud!

The Mexican


One thought on “

  1. Hey!  Ah, that’s awesome, I wanna see it.  How much is it to be a member of U2.com again?  Cause I really wanna join lol.  Oh yea and I got your email you sent everybody…I tried sending it back to you, but it didn’t work!!! Ahhh!!! …so just know that I did try sending it back to you =)  Looks like you had an awesome Thanksgiving!! Your little cousins are so cute! =)  Well I must run…I still have a research paper to do that’s due tomorrow…and I’m only half-way done with it…eek =/  Talk to ya later!!
    Oh PS I changed my profile pic haha. 

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