So, I have realised that many people still choose to hide their real selves…I just really wish that people could accept that there are differences between one another, realise that EVENTUALLY you have to compromise with people…One cannot always expect people to just lie down and let you have your way, but you have to realise that compromise is just a way of life…

I am not an expert at life, extremely far from the truth, but I just wish that people looked at the bigger picture of things, and stopped looking at the little things that make us so different…Yes, we have to take into account that we need to recognize those differences, but we also have to learn to accept them.

It is true that there are a ridiculous amount of people that are just so subborn that they would rather remain set in their ways, ways that they have grown up with and ways that they have learned to be.  It is a “Whatever” type of situation, at that point.  That fact being said, it is with these people that we must learn to accept and love as they are, and we need to realise that they will probably not change.  Even if you think that someone needs to change for the better, one can only do so much until their energies and patience have been exhausted in the quest to help one another.  I am not saying to never help your friends, by all means, help them in any way you can.  However, at a certain point, there is only one thing that one can do, and that is to be there for them no matter what.

  My friends that I have are all just as diverse as a Topeka High School class, but the problem is, is that in high school we learned that there were people like ourselves, and that, at the time, it was better for us to just stick with those people.  It seems that there are many people who choose to remain this way, and I cannot understand why the bloody hell they would want to.  If we never experience things other than that which we are accustomed to, then what purpose are we serving?  Why take out our own frustrations with ourselves, out on other people?  Why get ourselves upset about something that is, quite honestly, so trivial? 

You know, it is quite amazing that I have the friends I have.  I always thought that I would have the friends that are techno/gizmo geeks.  Let us face it, it seems very true.  I am quite obsessed with video games, although I prefer the older ones to the new ones any day (unless it is Legend of Zelda, Mario, or Metroid).  I love science fiction and fantasy books/movies to the core, and very rarely will you see me reading or watching something that has romantic qualities (mostly because I do not feel as stimulated by it as the stuff that brings me to another world .)  I am quite a tomboy, and the only time you will see me in a skirt or a dress is to go to work or church.  I find things of the supernatural persuasion to be interesting, but you will not catch me trying to get into that world.  I love anime and manga.  I love the Internet, quite a bit actually.  I would love to learn to breakdance (seriously) and go-go dance.  I will tell you what I think is wrong, only if you are honest with me.  I really like almost any kind of food.  I absolutely love U2, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Sade, Sting, Madonna, Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, and Mutiny UK all the same. 

I am quite a diverse person, however, despite my personal description.  I am amazed that my friends love me even though I have worse faults than San Andreas.  I just cannot understand why people have to see what it is that people do, what people feel, and how people see things as bad or like their way is that much better.  God made us all the same, he just made a few tweaks here and there to make us each that much different.  Loving each other despite our faults and cracks makes you feel much happier. 

I screw up a whole lot, and I am blessed enough to have my family and friends that still love me no matter what I do.  I just wish people would exercise that unconditional love for more people, not just those people that they feel are as close as family.

I love you all, I honestly do, I swear it.

——- Love Sincerely, Love Supremely,

                                             The Mexican


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