I am the epitome of all evil…Yes, that is Adam in the dark-ish blonde curly hair…Mmm…Yes, Edge, we know…Hah, well, Bono just had to take up most of the space…But I really wish Larry’s picture was bigger (reason why I am the epitome of all evil…) but anyway…

Saw Harry Potter on Thursday night at midnight…OH…MY…GOOD…LORD…   That movie is AWESOME!!!!  Go see it…if you want to go see it, let me know, and maybe I can go with you…I want to go again!    Hmmm…I pose the question, once again…why is it that every guy that I like is either married/has a significant other (U2), is not of the straight persuasion, or is too young for me (Dan Radcliffe…the dude that plays Harry Potter…he is 16)  Really, maybe my coworkers are right…Maybe I just need to try to date, and I would find someone I like…

FAT CHANCE…not in this country, anyway…Right…on we go, then…

Pictures of the apartment, like I promised…

The front door…#10!

The kitchen…yes, it is pink…

The window thingy between the kitchen/dining room/living room…I bought the flowers!

The living room…Hee, the Irish flag…good times…and yes, that is Robin and Legolas…we love U2…could you tell?  And I know we have two sets of the Harry Potter books…AND????

Dining room…yes, that is a poster of a McDonald’s chicken salad…It has a picture of Orlando Bloom from Pirates on the back, and that was why I originally got it…Mom used to work at McD’s…Moony thought that the salad would be awesome to put up…And how right she was…


Mine and Padfoot’s bedroom…Padfoot’s side…

My side…Me and my ghetto bed…

The door from our room to our bathroom…Hee…Legolas…

Our bathroom…

From our bathroom through to the kitchen…

The shower area…Pretty color, huh?

Moony’s room…

From the kitchen through to Mine and Padfoot’s bathroom…

Moony and Padfoot…chillin and killin…

I have more pictures, but I will post them later…

I love 5th Dimension…

Slainte! Salud!

The Mexican


7 thoughts on “

  1. gte306n says:

    Yeah, it was a pretty unbelievable show – I’m sure you will have a great time seeing them next month!

  2. I wanna see Harry Potter!! lol…it looks amazing!  And your apartment is really cool too!! I’m lovin’ the new U2 pics up top =)  Anyway, just droppin by to say hey since we havn’t talked in a while! Have a nice day!

  3. StolenSign says:

    may i just say two things?
    “suh” and “weet”!

  4. Anonymous says:

    hello. I don’t know you, but you are in the U2 blogring…..
    “Hmmm…I pose the question, once again…why is it that every guy that I like is either married/has a significant other (U2), is not of the straight persuasion, or is too young for me (Dan Radcliffe…the dude that plays Harry Potter…he is 16) ”
    AWESOME!!!!! I always think that question. Only instead of “too young” I think “too old” …. I saw HP and it kicked ass. I think the guy who played barty crouch jr. is sexy. but, ala, tooooo old.

    If I wrote a story of my failed attempts at a love life it would be “Gay, Taken, or Old”
    PEACE OUT!!!! U2 ROCKS!!!!!! HARRY POTTER ROCKSSSS!!!!! MEN ARE SEXY!!!!! MEN ARE HARD TO FIND!!!!! lol. sorry I don’t know why I shouted that.
    Lauren Beth

  5. oh. my. god. that pic of larry. *drool* too hott!!! and yeah, like the post above, my problem is always ‘gay, taken, or too old’. grrrrrrrrr.
    your apartment is so awesome! and the flowers are a nice touch, lol! its so filled with U2, hp, and lotr! and books!! i’d want my apartment to look just like that….ur so lucky!!
    (and i actually know what salud means since i’m taking spanish, yay! this class apparently is helping me in life! now i’m gonna show off my skillz:  Quieres la lechuga? no me gusta la lechuga. voy a cepillarme los dientes despues de sacar la basura. te gusta larry? me encanta larry! el es muy guapo y hot!! ok….thats enough of my abysmal spanish speaking. i hate to think of what would happen if i were dropped in the middle of mexico.)

  6. Hah, yea you’ll be pretty much really really excited and hyper on the day of the concert! And it’s not like I have to tell you or anything, but you’ll have an AMAZING time…it’s just so incredible.  But yea I hope you get your camera in!! If you do, I expect to see pictures up here lol.  Have a nice day!

  7. mediagirl says:

    i have to say that i am fond of that pic of larry as well. looking forward to meeting you at the U2 show. it is almost here!!!!!!!!laters

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